Monday, July 14, 2008

Great Quality and Fine Designs at

When searching for area rugs, you will often find that craft organizations that happen to be promoting a new design or industry crafts persons are always the best places to initially start searching for that kind of rug. Failing this you could always turn to those retailers or online rugs stores that offer the convenience of having a large range of area rugs in many different styles, including contemporary and traditional rugs.

But if you are looking to buy high-quality rugs as an investment, you should first read up on the type of area rug you require and what variations are available from the different retail sources before a decision is made.

You will find that true, top-class quality is normally easy to spot, but sometimes it is not straightforward. A good pointer is the fact that a great quality area rug will have a certain luminous lustre and the design should look clear and crisp, not blurry. The colours should be vibrant and not dull or muddy in appearance.

Contemporary rugs are useful for a variety of purposes and the best place to find them at is With the great offers available today, avail of their prices by visiting the site and start benefiting straight away!

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Having the Right Mindset for Permanent Weight Loss: Be Realistic!

It is not always easy to effectively lose weight considering that our lifestyle has been so comforting nowadays. We only have to move our finger to do our work. What makes it more annoying is that after gaining weight and replacing our clothes for bigger sizes, it becomes so hard for us to get back to our former sexier and slimmer figure.

It is always like that and always unfair that one could easily get so fat but it is so much a different matter the other way around. One has to undergo a lot of torture exercises, deprivation of sumptuous meals and no more eating in front of the Television thing and these are just to improve one’s physical built.

What must one really do to have the right mindset to permanently lose weight?

First, one must set his goals and be very, very realistic. You do not have to lose all of the excess weight in your body and be as thin as celery for just a month! I mean, hello? I call it suicide already because it is such an overkill to loose 20 pounds in just a month! It means 5 pounds in a week.

In order to loose a pound, one must burn about 3, 500 extra calories in his body. So, if you want to loose 5 pounds of fat in a week, you have to burn 17, 500 calories in a week! That is about 50 hours of doing strenuous exercises, fast walking and bicycling.

Set realistic goals. In the first place, you didn’t get those extra weight overnight right?

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Monday, April 7, 2008

Class action lawsuit against “Vista Capable” machines underway

When Windows Vista was released in early 2007, a huge demand for PCs was created. “Vista Capable” labels certify that the computer is capable of running Windows Vista. This was a result of computer manufacturers and dealers working closely with Microsoft in regards to software requirements and machine specifications.

However, many buyers were disappointed to find out that a lot of “Windows Vista Capable” personal computers were misleading, since the offending machines were only able to run the stripped-down “Home Basic” version of Windows Vista, which lacked many of the features and improvements that made Vista a sought after operating system. While Microsoft has stated that they are reviewing the label and the certification requirements, many disgruntled consumers have already gone ahead and filed a class-action lawsuit against the software giant.

The suit mainly focuses on the misleading labels of Windows Vista Capable due to the fact that most of them lack the actual power to run all of Vista’s new features, particularly the Aero GUI.

According to the Seattle Post, a US District judge based in Seattle has currently approved the class-action lawsuit regarding how Microsoft inappropriately labeled Windows XP based personal computers as fully capable of running Vista, but the federal judge is focusing more on whether the aggressive marketing of Vista Capable machines artificially created a huge demand for computers during the holiday sales crunch of 2006, even though Windows Vista was only released in early 2007.

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Friday, April 4, 2008

Feeling crazy? How to save your Sanity when Things go wrong

Have you had frequent visits with your psychiatrist? Over and over again, they would tell us what to do, what to think about ourselves, what we should envision ourselves with others, how to handle stress we get from work, how to get rid of our throes of depression, etc.

But what we don’t realize is those recommendations and tips that we get are almost the same with each and every psychiatrist.

What we also don’t realize is we are the only ones who could cure ourselves and save ourselves from sanity. Not those psychiatrists although they surely would help you to get out of your Twilight zone and check if you’re still in your right mind.

Getting signs of depression often lead to unwanted alienation of the mind. What could help you really is self-appreciation. Love your self for who you are. Accept your self-the way you look, your whole being, your flaws, and whatever you don’t like about your self. Whatever you do, you are still you and you cannot be some one else.

We all have our own mistakes and that is what makes us a stronger individual. Without it, we are like small shoots of bamboo, which will just be easily pulled out of our roots when the wind blows.

Learn to have a few but very true friends. One good thing about having true friends is that they could always listen to you when you have a problem. You could always unload your feelings of depression and stress to them anytime you need them and they would be the one to understand you the most.

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Sunday, March 30, 2008

How To Get a Goodnight’s Sleep

Being stressed from work and having not enough sleep the night before is a super combo to commence a dreadful day. All you just need is a deep, slumbering sleep and you’ll feel just great.

Usually the main reason for insomnia is too much drinking of coffee and other caffeinated beverages like energy drinks. It is found that caffeine raises the body’s activity which in turn disturbs the natural body clock of a person’s sleeping habits.

Also avoid doing any other activity in your bed, like studying, watching TV or eating. Your body has to be used that your bedroom is only for dozing off, not as a dining table.

Listen to relaxing music that will definitely make you fall asleep, and turn that rocking music down.

Stand up from your bed and try to do something else other than trying hard to fall asleep because the more you try, the more you will not be able to.

One good reason why people have insomniac problems is their lack of proteins in their daily diet. Drink a warm glass of milk before going to bed or eat a tablespoon of peanut butter.

Sleeping is our body’s own way of recharging itself and while the mind usually is on its high peak levels during sleeping time, it doesn’t mean that our brain has to be relaxed too. Our brain should not stop working (because if it is, we’re dead!) which should be its primary function. That is why while we sleep, we exercise our minds through dreaming.

Sleep now, it is important to start to count your sheep.

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Free Download Ebooks

Want to learn programming, read ebook about C programming, or fix your car or motorcycle with a help of ebook manual? These two sites are blog based sites that specializes on indexing free ebook (pdf or html) on computer, programming and car manual.

The first one is free it ebooks, a lotof computer and programming ebooks available there. This site is rarely updated due to the owner's lack of online time.

Free ebooks and manual is the second link, concentrates in helping people that want to pimp their own car and motorcycle by indexing car manual, motorcycle manual and other ebooks, mostly in pdf format.

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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Starbucks planning to appeal new tip-sharing ruling

A San Diego Superior Court recently ruled that the world-famous coffee chain should aim to compensate California baristas for tips that they would otherwise share with shift supervisors. What the ruling does in a nutshell, according to Starbucks Corp. Chief Executive Howard Schultz, is prevent shift supervisors from receiving tips that they have rightfully earned for providing excellent customer service. Schultz has stated that they consider the ruling as “unfair and beyond reason” and has started making plans to appeal to the San Diego Superior Court.

Schultz has said that the media has “grossly mischaracterized” Starbucks’ standard practice of letting shit supervisors share in tips left for baristas, adding that the coffee chain company has never had any policies or promote any type of action that would allow them to take money from their own employees.

Starbucks Corp. has already entered the first stages in filing an appeal for the ruling while defending itself from two similar lawsuits that were filed in Minnesota and Massachusetts this week. Despite being on the hot seat this week, the California lawsuit against the coffee chain was filed as far back as 2004, and was only granted class-action status in 2006. It was only last week that San Diego Superior Court Judge Patricia Cowett has ordered Starbucks to pay baristas more than 100 million dollars in back tips and interest, with the reason being a state law that prevents managers and supervisors from taking a cut from the tip jar. Another hearing is set for May 1 to discuss how the California tip money should be distributed.

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